Lessons from the last session: Taking Flight

So the wonderful and memorable journey of Amal Career-Prep fellowship Batch 185 came to an end. Two skillful, highly efficient and kind Mentors lead this session in a marvelous way. They give us a chance to learn some exceptional professional skills for our successful career. Last session summarizes the fruitful outcomes of our learning throughout the session.

Self- Confidence

Believing in myself

Interaction With Amal Fellows

Experiences from the fellowship that will impact my future learnings

  1. Leadership opportunity at Mega Project
  2. Webinar Management and hosting for Mega Project
  3. Blog writing skills
  4. Teamwork skills in Circle Group for completion of PWs and Mega Project tasks
  5. Approved Cover Letter after appreciation by Mentor during session.

And so much more, Allhumdulillah!. Now I realize choosing this fellowship for my professional learning was one of my best decisions.

Thank You Amal and B-185!